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Produced and Directed by
Todd Kwait and Rob Stegman
Executive Producer
Todd Kwait
Written by
John DeLancey

Story by
John DeLancey, Rob Stegman & Todd Kwait
Edited by
Mark Herd
Narrated by
Peter Coyote
Director of Photography
Chris O'Hare
Associate Producers J.P. Borneman
Tabatha & David Steinberg
Videography Chris O'Hare
  Ken Fraser
  John Bonner
  Mike Tillotson
  Michael Mulvey
Location Sound Kevin Parker
  Rob Maerz
  Anne-Marie Gandolfi
  Mark Arees
  Chris Andersen
Audio Technicians Chase Pierson
  Adam Widoff
Audio Post-Production Jay Rose, CAS
Gaffer John Bonner
Production Assistants Pat Banker
  David Kraus
Associate Line Producer Andrew Zamore
Archival Research and Acquisitions Millie Rahn
  Pat Banker
Narration Recording Command Productions, Sausalito
Graphics Alfred DeAngelo
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